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Discussion in 'Bolivia' started by manolojim, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. manolojim

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    Im planning to trek Trans Cordillera from Sorata to Condoriri base camp, then climb Huyana Potosi, then visit Isla del Sol. However, it seems that the cost of hiring the mule driver and mules is way too expensive. Can you suggest other trek options doable independently, or with mules?
    thank you!
  2. Danny

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    Yes, the cost of hiring the mule driver and mules is always the most expensive part of a trek in Bolivia. All of the treks you've mentioned are doable independently.

    In fact, I actually hired a local arriero for the Apolobamba trek, though you can do it alone without any assistance. By the way, Condoriri to HP base camp to El Cumbre, Takesi, and one around Mt Illiampu can be done independently.

    If you do want to do Apolobamba trek with a guide, there is a great arriero at the coop named Javi, who charges $25 a day for himself and 2 horses.

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