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Discussion in 'St. Martin' started by Kharmabeatz, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Kharmabeatz

    Kharmabeatz New Member

    One of the nicest things to do in St Martin is getting around the island and exploring it. There bus, taxis and tours available, though I suggest booking a tour, or rent a car and drive yourself. Either option would be much easier and less expensive than buses/taxis.
  2. woodhausen

    woodhausen New Member

    I'd rent a car personally and forget about taxis, resort tours, etc; they may sound good but after a week at the resort you'll want to get away from it. So yes, rent a car...unless of course, you want to spend the whole vacation at the resort.
  3. cussoman

    cussoman New Member

    St. Martin is ridiculously tiny...I think it's the smallest island in the world though i must say there's so much to do it feels the island is bigger than what it is. As far as getting around the choices are scooters, bikes, car rentals and minibuses, which cover most areas of the island. The buses are cheap but they do not have fixed time table.

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