best way from Rio to Sao Paulo

Discussion in 'Brazil' started by JulioI00, Oct 29, 2013.

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    The best way to get to Sao Paulo from Rio depends on your budget but for me it's the plane. The plane is quickest (45 mins) and many airlines are servicing this route (i.e. Avianca Brasil, TAM Airlines, GOL airlines and Azul). You can catch a flight from either Santos Dumont Airport (SDU) or Rio de Janeiro International Airport (GIG).

    Anyone done Rio to Sao Paulo by bus before?
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    cheapest way from Rio to Sao Paulo

    Yes the plane is quickest and less hassle but I would suggest catching the bus simply for the views along the way. The bus takes about 6 hours which may be too long for some people but the leito and sleeper buses do have nice reclining seats and RT tickets cost around $50 (versus $100 for a RT plane ticket).

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    Rio to Sao Paulo flights

    There are loads of buses going to Sao Paulo but like last poster said flying is a good option. However, you need to plan ahead to get the cheapest deals on flights between Rio and Sao Paulo. Checking now...GOL has some round trip flights for about R$190 about USD$ 100 at current exchange rates.

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