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Discussion in 'Sri Lanka' started by grupoi, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. grupoi

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    I don't recommend renting a car and driving yourself in the country. It's best you organise your whole trip there with private tour company in Sri Lanka who will also book all our hotels for you. With a private tour company, you will be collected by your driver at the airport and driven to your hotel. After that, they will arrange visits to popular attractions like Polonnaruwa,Sigiriya, Dambulla cave temples, etc.
  2. 56yuui

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    I too don't recommend hiring a car by yourself there unless you want to be more stuck in traffic than enjoying the lovely sri lankan landscape. By the way, a car-with-driver will cost you less than self-driving which is really expensive. if you need a contact, you could try booking your driver with Boutique Sri Lanka, at (0)71 49 50 890.
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    I am a US citizen but have lived in Sri Lanka for 5 years so I can offer a bit of advice on getting around. What the last posters said about not driving yourself is very true. the best way is to get a car and driver to stay with you the whole trip. A driver will serve also as a guide, which will help you to really experience the local things.
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    This is very true, 'self drive' is not cheaper than car-with-driver, but more expensive due to higher insurance premiums for foreigners. Taxi costs around $2 +/km while a roundtrip car-driver costs around $1+/km. If you are budget, don't rule out buses for some of the time. They are not dangerous to travel on, but can be crowded and you do need to keep your luggage to a reasonable amount.

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