best way to explore Cayman islands

Discussion in 'Cayman Islands' started by NatalieRoss, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. NatalieRoss

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    Depending on where you stay, car rental maybe or may not be needed. I definitely recommend hiring a car if you are staying in the eastern end of Grand Cayman. You could use taxis and buses to explore around but I think the freedom to set your own schedule makes car rental a no-brainer. Aside from cars, you can rent scooters or hire a local to drive you around and be a guide. All inclusive Resorts also have an "island tour" available where somebody drives folks around and points out the highlights for a fee.
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    I would just book with a tour operator when there. There are several tour operators to choose from that offer trips to parts of the islands like the Stingray Sandbar. Some tour operators will only go to the sand bar while others will also include one or two additional snorkelling stops. As far as prices, they're all pretty similarly priced.
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    Best you hop on a cab since they are readily available on the streets. Also, don't overlook boats to get around. There are many boat rentals at Grand Cayman Islands, which you can use to go to the stingray farm but this is usually best when shared among a group to make affordable.

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