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Discussion in 'Zimbabwe' started by magizoe, Aug 3, 2017.

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    I need to do a short half a day day trip at Harare, so which is the best way to save time, but visit most of the top attractions? Would appreciate any advice- thank you!
  2. Andrew

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    Harare is the most attractive destination than other Southern African cities. Zimbabwe Museum, Balancing Rocks, National Botanic Garden, Harare Gardens and HAKA Game Park are some of the nice places to see. If you try for short half a day day trip, then visit Victoria Falls which is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. Bungee jumping is quite popular in this falls.

    Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe is a major tourist hub and so you can start from here. Visit Zimbabwe Hotels if you need accommodation details.
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    You SHOUDL NOT miss the wildlife in Harare! It is lifechanging. Go and see as many wild animals there in parks such as Lion and Cheetah park and Mukuvisi Woodlands. Mukuvisi is especially fun for the kids too! My child of 6 was amazed, as well as I was! it's a MUSTsee.

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