Best way to get from Amsterdam to Bruges

Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by reigning, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. reigning

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    There are a couple of ways to get from Amsterdam to Bruges: train and bus. Bus is cheapest but it takes around 8hrs there and back on the Eurolines coach. Train (either highspeed on inter city) is probably the best way to get there and certainly more comfortable, though more expensive (around 50 euros one-way). Has anyone ever don this route Amsterdam to Bruges before?
  2. Jimmi2

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    The Eurolines bus fare to Bruges is around $20, which is cheap but it takes 2 hours longer to get there. The only thing with the bus is that for some unknown reason the bus stop is located outside of Amsterdam Amstel Station, which means you have to make you way there. It takes around 10 minutes by train from Amsterdam Central Station.
  3. JordiCruz

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    The cheapest way and easiest way to get from Amsterdam to Bruges is the train. Take the hourly InterCity train (slow train) from Amsterdam Centraal to Antwerpen Centrale then change trains to another InterCity train to Bruges. The whole trip takes about 3.5 hours which is cheaper than going via Brussels.

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