best way to get to Antarctica

Discussion in 'Antarctica' started by Incapo, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Having to Antarctica now 3 times I would suggest any looking to travel there from Ushuaia in Argentina, which is basically the southernmost city closest to Antartica. You can also get to Antartica from New Zealand and South Africa, but crossing the Drake Passage from the south tip of Argentina is the best way, the cheapest way and the quickest way.
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    I agree setting off from South America is the fast way but people need to know that the Drake Passage is probably the roughest stretch of sea in the world with 32ft swells, scary winds and icy waters. you really need to prepare yourself for a hellish experience because you may not like it.
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    Haha..this reminds me of the trip I took with a few friends. We'll never forget Drake Passage! It's indeed the shortest route to Antarctica but Drake Passage has without question the most brutal weather conditions the average person will ever face. If you easily get sea sick you may want to skip this route. Here it's a video we took while we were crossing the passage in 2011:
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    Trips to Antarctic from Australia and New Zealand normally leave from Invercargill / Port of Bluff in New Zealand or Hobart in Australia. Whether you choose NZ, Australia or South America it all depends on where you'r coming from. Let's say, if you're coming from Asia, NZ or Australia would be best whereas if you're traveling from the US, it'd be south America. Either way, the main difference is that a journey to Antarctica across the Drake Passage is just 2 days compared to departing from New Zealand or Australia which takes about 5 days each way.
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    cheapest way to get to Antarctica

    South America is not only best but the cheapest too..looking at prices, everything that leaves from NZ or Australia is really expensive. It'll be cheaper to fly to Buenos Aires then connect up to Ushuaia. A tip I was given to save money on your cruise to Antarctica from to Ushuaia was to wait in to Ushuaia until you can get a last minute ticket. Prepare to spend anything between $3400 to $5300 for a 12 day cruise trip.

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