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  1. enemygates

    enemygates New Member

    hello, I am going to France next month and I can't wait to be there already! Im wondering about tours and popular ways to enjoy views of you think a coach tour is best way to get great views of France?
  2. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    I think bus tours, trains are all great ways to explore France. For me, a cruise of the river Seine is an excellent way to experience the river, view the banks of Paris, and take in the countryside of France.

    In fact, you will be able to see several top monuments in Paris from the Seine as the waterway winds through the city. If interested, you will find many outfits in Paris that offer a Seine cruise, in and outside of Paris, so there are plenty of opportunities for cruises in France.

    Also, a travel agent will be able to help you book a Seine cruise as part of your France holiday, or you can search the internet for "France cruises," or "Seine Cruise."
  3. julietita

    julietita New Member

    While traveling I prefer to live it as a "resident" not as a tourist, because... this way you get to know the best places... I mean when i was in Paris we were told that the "au pied de cochon" "buddha bar" and all this "famous places"... and in the end is not that good, is only touristic (so crowded, so the service is never good) the same with different touristic places. there is always the chliche and the real goood places to visit, so try to find alway local people to find the best places to go!!!

    have a nice trip!!!
  4. julietita

    julietita New Member

    I'd rent a car and go to Bordeaux... The wine town!!!!!

    Just terrific... I made that last year... This summer I' like to do it up in the north... Champagne region!!

  5. John Dennis

    John Dennis New Member

    France is filled with charming small villages and larger, bustling cities. Make plans for a vacation that mix the appeal of France and the leisure of the water by visiting top beach destinations. This Vacation, I am planning to visit Saint-Jean de Luz - This charming Aquitaine village has much to praise it: it is a few minutes from Spain and close to the Pyrenees, it is in the heart of the ever-interesting Basque Country, and it is filled with gorgeous and unique Basque architecture
  6. bmd

    bmd Guest

    Hands down, the trains will be the most effective choice when touring France, and in individual cities, like Paris, I would definitely vote for hoofing it (walking), because then, you can see things just as long as you want, and oh, it's just so incredible to see these places. I would also recommend trying the metro at least once...crowded like anything! If you do have the time, take a tour bus, take more than one if there are different itineraries to different parts of France, because that will give you a comprehensive look at the nearby places and also some interesting facts and details that you may otherwise never know.
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  7. renald

    renald New Member

    That's really nice, yes France is one of the best places to visit where we get relaxation from our daily work...
    i too prefer France..
  8. hbo34

    hbo34 New Member

    best way to experince France

    I would say driving is the best way to see the beautiful French countryside. The train is nice and fast and comfy, but there’s really no better way to absorb the whole experience than in a car because you'll be free to stop along the way.

    In terms of routes to take, I suggest the route from Paris down to Bordeaux. Along this route you’ll pass some of France’s famous wine trails and be able to see all the vineyards from the road as you go as well as stop off for some tasting.
  9. JFoxxx

    JFoxxx New Member

    seeing France by car

    If you plan to visit the whole of France, the car is the best way, though gas is very very expensive and french police is known to be very strict. Trains are nice also but they're not cheaper than renting a car...I think train tickets costs about 100 euros, but you can check the the french rail system, SNCF for more details.
  10. jimmyson778

    jimmyson778 New Member

    France rail pass

    I agree the train is the best way to see France, though make sure you get a rail pass to save money if you plan to take plenty of train trips. Instead of paying, say, 250 euros to get from Paris to Nice, you could get a rail pass for a similar price and have a couple more days of rail travel that can be used for other long-distance jaunts. However, if you're only planning to take daytrips the rail pass won't be cost-effective.
  11. renald

    renald New Member

    Yes, as you all said, train travel is best for cheap travel.. there might be some ferry travels which cheaper than train and also give a lot of entertainment onboard... am i right..?
  12. Davidson

    Davidson New Member

    Yeah, paying more euros for travelling from paris to nice is not good. The travel trip by train would be more beneficial to the passengers. Even there are ferries to travel, i think those also cost pretty much less cost.
  13. amiramo

    amiramo New Member

    train was pretty expensive, so yeah i agree about needing a pass
    but are u going all over France or do u plan to stick to one area, if not from north to south and allover the place, i'd take the bus
    and if u r in paris- i'd suggest walking as much as possible u'll get to see more
    and then take the train to the south of France to any small little town and enjoy the peace and quiet, the gr8 French food and countryside

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