best way to see the black forest

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    there are a few ways to see/experience the black forest but I think the train is the best. The line that offers the best views of the black forest is the one from Donaueschingen to Offenburg, which passes right through the forest. By the way, most trains on this route are double-deckers, so head for the top deck for the best views of the black forest.
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    That sounds like a fantastic way to explore. The Black Forest is a rather big place, so you want to explore, it makes sense to go by train. With the mountain peaks, it's best to sit back and enjoy the ride. In case you're wondering, the Black Forest is on southwestern Germany in Baden- Wurttemberg, bordered by the Rhine Valley.
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    driving through the black forest germany

    if you plan to drive through the black forest I recommend using Freiburg and Baden-Baden as your bases and plan on driving a small loop around Freiburg for the first day and moving on to Baden-Baden on the second day.

    Here it's two driving routes around Freiburg. The 1st one is Freiburg -> Schauinsland -> Belchen -> Feldberg -> Titisee -> Hollental -> Freiburg. The 2nd one is Freiburg -> Waldkirch ->Gutach -> Gutenbach -> St. Margen -> Furtwangen -> St. Peter -> Freiburg.
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    Re: driving through the black forest germany

    I second driving too! The stretch between Bad Peterstal and Zell am Harmersbach is also one of the most stunning drives you can take in the Black Forest. By the way, in Bad Peterstal there's a small spa resort worth going to if you fancy relaxing for a bit.


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