best wineries in Nebraska

Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by filippo2, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. filippo2

    filippo2 New Member

    hey folks, any of you have been to any of Nebraska's wineries..if so, which one do you recommend? Would love to know folks' thoughts.
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    I've only been to Soaring Wings in Springfield, though there are loads more to go to in historic Brownville (on the Missouri River), and others southeast of Nebraska as well such as Nebraska Winery Vineyard and James Arthur Vineyards.

    I'd say overall that the Brownville winery is probably the best winery in Nebraska as it's located in an underground cove. They also show the distilling process, give you a nice tour of the premises, and get to taste their popular apple wine.

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