bets time ever in Trini

Discussion in 'Trinidad & Tobago' started by Clamedio, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Clamedio

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    Came back from T&T 2 months ago for carnival..what an amazing atmosphere. A bit like Rio but on a smaller version of course. The beaches in Trinidad are the best..head to Maracas beach. as it is one of Trinidad’s most spectacular beaches and is where many locals and tourist go. Also, don't forget sampling the local specialty - deep-fried shark sandwich..yum yum;)
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    Re: best beach in Trinidad & Tobago

    I agree Maracas Bay Beach is the best. it's very peaceful and a very well-maintained beach..the only thing is that it's about an hour drive from Port of Spain. Saying this, I consider the hour-long drive over the mountains as part of the fun to getting there;)

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