better jamaica or puerto rico

Discussion in 'Jamaica' started by Danny, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    I hear so many people comparing Jamaica and Puerto Rico, saying one is better than the other for all kinds of reasons. Personally, whether it's Jamaica or Puerto Rico you really have to travel to both places because they're completely different. For starters, Puerto Rico is Spanish-speaking and it's the less adventurous than Jamaica which is home to the famous YS Falls and Rick's Cafe.

    What's your thoughts on Jamaica and Puerto Rico?
  2. WAporter

    WAporter New Member

    You can only compare the tourist spots to be honest, and even then, i would too agree that both are two different kettles of fish. the main vacation spot in Jamaica is Negril and in Puerto Rico is San Juan, which has a great nightlife. San Juan has more of a colonial feel to it than Jamaica as a whole, which its why i prefer going to Jamaica.
  3. edcafy00

    edcafy00 New Member

    It's funny, it's like a sibling rivalry this thing about puerto rico and jamaica..same thing with dominican republic and haiti, etc. I guess it has to do with their colonial past since the french and the english aren't supposed to get on either. But yea, like the original poster says puerto rico and jamaica are miles apart in terms of vibe and culture. Puerto Rico is like a version of miami...

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