Beware of Mayan Resorts.

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by becareful, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. becareful

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    Be careful when you travel in Mexico, particularly of timeshare presentations. My wife and I got sucked in at Puerto Vallarta, thinking that we would grab a few freebies for sitting in a timeshare presentation. But they will tell you lies about the amount of money you can make if you invest in a timeshare. We haven't been able to rent out the weeks for anything close to what they presented (they said $1,400 for a one-bedroom, but on most websites, it runs closer to $500 -- which is close to the price of the maintenance fees). And even when we used one of their referrals to rent out our weeks for us (after paying an annual fee), they never delivered. We lost thousands of dollars.

    Here's a helpful website for those thinking about buying a Mayan Resorts timeshare, or for those who have already purchased and are looking for alternatives:

    If you do end up going to the presentations (which may take up to four hours!), make sure that you don't believe anything they say -- particularly when it comes to possible income from timeshares. Please learn from our mistakes and be very wary of buying timeshares through the Mayan Resorts or the Mayan Palace.
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    We were also scammed by Mayan Palace and have had no end to frustration as we keep realizing our purchase was based on a pack of lies. Checked out your website. I suggest people read it before they go to Mexico instead of waiting until it is too late.
  3. KimR

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    And for those who learned of this too late, there is TUG - Timeshare Users Group. Visit to learn about the best ways to rent or sell the timeshare you just got stuck with.

    BTW, I was scammed by Mayan Palace a couple of years ago. I'm trying to make the most of it and am hoping to come across a win/win situation. If anyone out there is just looking to dump and get out of their one or two bedroom, send me a message.

    Did you all know that the resort charges a transfer fee when you sell...of 10% of the original purchase price?!? Most places charge, like, 100 bucks and you see all of these Mayan Palaces selling for nothing on eBay because you have to add on $400 closing costs and $800-$1500 transfer fee.
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    Be careful, whoever is the administrator of this site, Mayan Resorts have been taking down sites (I don't know how) from the web, you will see headlines like Mayan Resort scam, e.g. and then when you click on it, it's nothing but praise for the group. They are somehow intimidating people.
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    They are free to post information on their company as we do not endorse either position.
    Whats your experience and why are you posting a question saying to be careful?
    Do you have any personal interest in this one way or another?
  6. wanderer

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    Timeshare resorts are pretty famous for their high-pressure sales, but some people really love their time shares once they get them. My friends' parents have a time share in the Smokies and they just adore it...visiting several times a year. As long as you're aware of the presentation, it shouldn't be that bad. You can always say no.
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    timeshare presentations

    from personal experience and other people's experiences, timeshare presentations can be a bit of a scam because most sales people always mislead you one way or another by saying things like "if you decide in the future to sell your timeshare, you'll get your money back"..making you believe that you will make a profit.

    The last presentation I went on the price came down more than $20K after it was explained to the manager that I owned two timeshares already and had bought one of them at resale. But I could still do better on Ebay, I think, and didn't care for the resort much, so I turned it down.
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    I bet you'd be better off staying at the Ritz every vacation. It would most likely be cheaper to travel in luxury if you don't buy something. You have the flexibility and don't have nasty contracts to sign.

    34, I'm proud of you for saying no!

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