Big Bend National Park and Boquillas

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    If you plan to visit Big Bend, I would also suggest that you explore Big Bend's Mexico side to do Boquillas Canyon hike. The crossing between Big Bend National Park and Boquillas doesn't take long. If you have your passport, you can take a rowboat across the Rio Grande ($5) to Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico. Getting to Boquillas border crossing takes 50 minutes from the Panther Junction Visitor Center (Big Bend National Park)
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    Boquillas Canyon trail review

    The Boquillas Canyon trail is nice but it's not an easy hike. I'd say it's a moderate trail but it's kinda fun because of the sandy slopes along the way. The trail itself begins at the end of the Boquillas Canyon Spur Road and climbs from the parking to the top of a cliff overlooking the Rio Grande.
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    You must have a passport and go thru the custom office at Boquillas in order to get to the park which really is no big deal just an inconvenience. Worth it though to go over there if you happen to be in the area.

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