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    Rent a motorcycle/scooter in Uruguay is easy but you should know that each of the different districts or departments of Uruguay have different rules regarding what license is required for a motorcycle. You can hire and use your own bike license as proof in Montevideo but in other places like Colonia they require you to take a special test locally before you can rent a motorcycle.
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    Either that or you could always join a bike tour or inquiry from one of the hostels in Ciudad Vieja which rents bikes. By the way, be in the know that there in Uruguay, on September 22nd, it's the annual bike day. It's called Día Internacional Sin Autos (Day without cars). Riding a bicycle, It's good for the environment, your health and all that, etc... stuff.
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    Rambla de Montevideo

    Renting a bike is the best thing one can do in Uruguay, especially on Rambla de Montevideo, which is a long walkway which offers great beautiful views of Rio de la plata. You can rent a bike at El Viajero hostel and places like that.

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