Bike tours in New Zealand

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by wanderer, Oct 28, 2011.

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    This is a way to tour New Zealand at your own pace. Some bike tours of New Zealand last a four hours, while others last a few weeks. I'd love to hear about your suggestions for the the best places to go biking in New Zealand. Biking sounds like a fun way to explore.
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    yeah really its a lovely way to tour New Zealand. I have participate one time when I was in New Zealand! Really it was a amazing tour & still I couldn't find forget that tour.
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    For mountain biking enthusiasts, an old miner's route known as the Old Ghost Road offers a scenic ride from the Upper Buller Gorge to the Mokihinui River near Westport on the west coast . Definitely for experienced bikers. Camping locations and the 12-bunk Lyell Saddle Hut available along the way.
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    touring new zealand by bike

    touring new zealand by bike is so much fun, though you need to do it the right time of the year to enjoy it best. You can be getting sub-tropical weather one minute in the north, and snow in the south the next. Honestly, new zealand is a country of such extremes that you can be really caugh up unless you are well prepared.

    Another thing, make sure you keep left. Very important specially if you're driving. Remember...if you are turning right, you must give way to opposing traffic turning left.

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