Birding in Nevada

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    Do you suppose Nevada is a good place for bird watching? Lots of places out west are, so I'm going to check out some spots. Do you have some more places to add to the list?

    Lahontan Valley Wetlands, Fallon--Every spring and fall, the Audubon Society hosts a festival with wildlife tours, raptor demonstrations and wildlife watching.

    Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, Lincoln County--This stop on the Pacific Flyway has hundreds of species of birds.

    Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, Henderson This is a great place for bird watching not far from Las Vegas.
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    birding viewing in Nevada

    Im surprised by the amount of people who think that Nevada is just a giant desert...i mean, it is but you can do so much more than meets the eye. the Lahontan Valley is a great place... I love going to the Stillwater national refuge and Carson Lake because of the great opportunities for seeing swans, geese and ducks.
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    best bird viewing areas in Nevada

    i would suggest the Stillwater Complex near Fallon, about 75 miles east of Reno, and Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge, which is east of Elko (about 300 miles east of Reno). Both these places have campgrounds there but they dont have services such as stores, gas stations, etc.

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