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    Free to visit, the Birmingham Museum of Art has a rich collection of art to discover. It recently unveiled an exhibit of Danish pottery from the 20th century, the early days of the country's ceramic arts movement. New galleries are opening soon, which will add to the space available for exhibits and visitor amenities. Some of the exhibits will be specially designed for kids with hands-on fun.
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    The Birmingham Museum is an absolute treasure and with free admission you simply can't miss visiting when in Alabama. My favorite area is the Indian and Southeast Asian gallery, which has some lovely pieces. There is also an American art gallery, a Native American art gallery, an African art gallery, all of which have their own gems.
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    birmingham museum of art alabama

    yes, the Birmingham Museum of Art is free but its location is poor. Who thought to house a museum of art next to the county jail? I think that'd be why it's free to get in, otherwise no one would turn up...anyways, the museum does have some nice collections and you're allowed to take pictures which is great.
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    i have been there once Birmingham museum of art it was a good museum but i guess there are lots of thing which they didnt show to the visitors.and they settle the museum in jail because jail have also has some historical facts with it i guess so.what say friends m i right or not

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