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Discussion in 'Belize' started by jerome, Feb 4, 2009.

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    I have heard that scuba diving in Blue Hole is the best. I have never been scuba diving before (I've done some snorkeling up here in the northwest but that's it). Does anyone know of a good, safe place to get equipment and possibly a guide? And prices?

  2. Andrew

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    Re: Scuba diving

    Hi jerome,

    As far as I know, Blue Hole is a safe Belize diving spot if the divers know their limits and diving from the 'Bells' to the Blue Hole is classic & exciting. Bells and Blue Hole are the popular sies for diving in Belize but the dive usually starts at Bells and while swimming south you enter the Blue Hole at a depth of about 7 meters. Or you can start from Blue Hole, which is located about 30 mins. jeep ride from Dahab, it's also has good facilities including seating areas, food & drinks shop and toilets. And there are 5 and 7 night Belize diving packages available for your convenient, package includes food, accommodation, equipment rentals, scuba diving, PADI certification cards, marine park fees and boat or land based transportation, so book one of the packages and have a safe Belize diving vacation. Two of my friends recently had a Belize diving tour and they paid $1,210 for 5 nights tour (with food), if you arrange food by yourseld then it comes around $900. So if you are planning for a Belize diving trip, then go between January and May, so that you will get a pleasant warm weather to enjoy. Good luck!

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