Blue Mountains National Park

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    Named as a World Heritage area, the Blue Mountains National park offers an exciting adventure.Take a tour leaving via the Sydney Harbour Bridge and spend a full day visiting the beautiful wilderness areas like Featherdale Wildlife Park, Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens and Burralow Creek National Park. Along the way you'll see spectacular views, stunning rock formations, and native wildlife.
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    trip to Blue Mountains National Park

    it's true that you can book a day tour to the Blue Mountains from Sydney but If I were you I'd hire a car or take a train to Katoomba and then the Explorer Bus which will drop you off right at the park. Mind you though, the Blue Mountain NP is huge and many parts of it are wilderness so if you aren't the type who likes being out in the wilderness you may need to reconsider.
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    Excellent suggestions. Train travel is my favorite mode of getting from one place to another. And definitely, wear solid, comfortable walking shoes when headed to the park or wherever you may be doing a lot of walking in Australia.
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    If you're staying in Sydney, you cannot miss visiting the Blue Mountains. Besides seeing tons of wildlife, you will be able to swim in the park's swimming holes. Be sure you spend a full there and, if possible, stay overnight to experience it all.
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    spend the night at the Blue Mountains National Park

    I second the overnight visit to the Blue Mountains NP. If you do plan to stay overnight, I suggest either Katoomba or Leura because they offer plenty of accommodation and good food establishments. While you're there, make sure you visit the famous Three Sisters rock formation and Echo Point for panoramic views of the southern Blue Mountains.
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    please share some pictures of blue Mountain national park if you have.

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