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Discussion in 'Nicaragua' started by missy, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. missy

    missy New Member

    hi there, I am thinking of spending one week in Bluefields Nicaragua with my daughter and searching for good deals on flight tickets from Miami to Nicaragua and hotels in Bluefields, any one been there and what was your experience? what are the best places to go around and which is the best Bluefields hotel to stay with 12 years old girl. please suggest some good ones and any suggestion from your part would be really appreciated. many thanks.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Bluefields has many hotels and the one which is very close to the bay is the South Atlantic hotel, and it offers good price for travelers. And the Bluefields Bay hotel is also a perfect choice, however visit Bluefields hotels page to get a good idea on your accommodation.

    Choose a good one from 100's of flight deals to Bluefields by visiting the page Nicaragua airlines, and make booking online.

    As well as Granada, blefield offers many things to do for each visitor including the Palo de Mayo celebration. so explore Nicaragua and have a safe vacation!
  3. dght34

    dght34 New Member

    hi, few months back i went to Bluefields to visit my friend, he is living for about 20 years. He was studying with me in Sydney and he invited me to his native place. Since he arranged everything, so I have with accommodation, transportation or anything. I nearly spend 13 days there. Sometimes i traveled alone and visited many places of Nicargua. From Bluefields, i went to Monkey point, Pearl Lagoon, Corn Islands and many other places. Also I went to El Rama alone and it's a nice place too. Traveling through the lagoon is a fantastic experience, so don't miss this as well, hope have a great time!.
  4. missy

    missy New Member

    when is the best time to visit bluefields, nicaragua, i have planned my trip in November, is it a good time? or any rain.. can you advise about the season:) thanks.
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    As far as I know, the perfect time to visit anywhere in Nicaragua is from June to January, the places look very greenish and the weather will be perfect for any type of vacation. November is also a good month for having your Nicaragua tour, so have a nice trip!

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