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    hey guys,

    Is Boca Chica beach popular among families or mainly for couples? Also, can you advise on Boca Chica nightlife? thanks
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    hi there,

    The Boca Chica beach is a sheltered lagoon with white powdery sand, which is ideal for families with kids, as waters are shallow and calm without waves just so you can relax and take in the tropical setting.

    The Boca Chica Beach is known as a shopping beach and district where you can find many beach vendors stroll along. Also, the shops along the Boca Chica beach are great if you are looking for souvenirs as they offer mainly handmade items such as jewelry, and artwork.

    At night, Boca Chica downtown turns into quite the happening place with discos and outdoor live music venues. If you are staying at a Boca Chica hotel resort, you'll be glad to know that many hotels have wonderful nightly shows and discos to please their guests.

    Hope this helps

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