Bolivia tourist visa change

Discussion in 'Bolivia' started by SmokyRocky, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. SmokyRocky

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    I haven't seen anything on this forum about tourist visas. If you didn't know as of June 1st 2015, US citizens are not able to get a visa upon arrival. Go to your nearest Bolivian consulate in the US (I believe there's one in NYC and another in Washington DC) and apply for a visa before you travel.
  2. juriPO

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    Looking at the consulate of Bolivia website it does not say anything about having to get a visa prior traveling there. Yes if you are a US citizen you must apply for a tourist VISA but you can do it upon arrival. The good thing is that the visa is valid for 10 years though you're only allowed 90 lay days per year. Do carry your hotel reservation’s slip, trip itinerary, bank statement and $160.
  3. reclacem

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    It is cheaper to apply for a Bolivian tourist visa at the airport or border crossing (only $135). If you plan to apply for a visa by mail or in person at a Bolivian consulate in the United States do it 3-4 months in advance to account for processing time and expect to pay $160. Once you apply for the visa, it is good for five years.

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