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    Hi, where exactly is Bollywood in India and has anyone done a Bollywood tour before and what can i expect from it? any ideas
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    hi there,

    Bollywood is not an actual place in India. If you’re interested in Bollywood tours, you can arrange that as part of your visit to Mumbai.

    Bollywood tours will teach you about the success of Hindi films outside of India. In the 1951 Cannes Film Festival, for example, an Indian film called Neecha Nagar won first prize. Bollywood has evolved over the years to cover a variety of subject matter, from romance movies and action films to the Indian mafia.

    This violent trend of films featuring Indian gangsters premiered in the 1970s. In addition, Bollywood tours will also teach you about classic Bollywood stars and the film directors and producers who have earned notoriety over the years.
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    Hi Fellot,

    The film Industry of India is only known as Bollywood and Mumbai is the heart of Bollywood film industry. Every one coming to Mumbai is very much curious about Bollywood and it's possible to take a Bollywood tour by visiting the film cities and film studios in India along with some of the most popular India attractions. If you visit those places then you will get a complete view of the Bollywood and the Indian film Industry. Mumbai Film City, Ramoji Film City, MGR Film City and Noida Film City are some of the most popular film cities in India. I have visited Ramoji Film City twice and it was a fantastic experience. This film city is located in Hyderabad which is one of the metropolis of India and has accommodation facilities. The Mumbai Film City is located away from the city life and admission is not open without a prior permission. All the film cities are the major tourist attractions in India and you can book bollywood tour and travel packages online and explore all India attractions.

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