Bonaire Marine Park

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    In between the island of Bonaire and the neighboring Klein Bonaire, the Bonaire National Marine Park protects an important ecosystem. Of course you'll find some great scuba diving here and the snorkeling is wonderful too. The clear waters of the The Bonaire Marine Park and vast coral reefs mean there's plenty to see.
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    yep, the marine park is no doubt beautiful and a stunning place to do scuba diving. the park is easy acces and offers lots of choices for visitors such as boat dive tours, though Bonaire is primarily shore-diving so you don't really need to use a boat......can't wait to go back to Bonaire early next year. enjoy!
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    That's great advice. Shore diving sure has its charm and it's nice that you don't need a boat to get going. I like simple! You'll have to share about your trip when you visit next year. :)

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