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Discussion in 'Guatemala' started by bonanza1959, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. bonanza1959

    bonanza1959 New Member

    Is it possible to book a cruise to Miami, from Guatemala? I would like to take a cruise from Guatemala to Miami and back.
  2. Explorador

    Explorador New Member

    I've been told there are. BUT, (I live in Guatemala) for the recent 5 years the weather has been kinda unpredictable. This has affected the cruisers coming to Guatemala, per example last year there were many (I mean MANY) complains from the tourists on the cruisers coming that way down the Riviera Maya. (I was there in Nov), the ocean was crispy.

    I know it depends on opinions, but I recommend you to take a flight so you have more time to spend in each country. Yucatán is a must before coming to Guate. You can take a flight to Cancún, and from there to Flores (near Tikal in Guatemala) or directly to Guatemala City.

    Sorry, don't mean that taking a cruise is a bad idea, I just think (and know) you can find a lot of fun out of the boat with more time available (planes are faster).


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