Booking on Amtrak: what's your experience?

Discussion in 'Illinois' started by 4amigos, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. 4amigos

    4amigos New Member

    I wanted to ask you guys what your experiences are with Amtrak.. do they have any hidden charges? Are they always on time?....etc
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    I used to use Amtrak a lot when I was in college in Illinois and It was always 30 minutes late every time, which used to be annoying. I was told you can request a refund to compensate for lateness but to get a discount, you need to get a student advantage card, even if you arent a student (weird!)

    Overall, I think to enjoy Amtrak, you must like the idea of train travel in itself, and the scenery isn't always great, but hey you can't have all your way!:)
  3. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    My co-worker just cancelled the train because it was too expensive. But I think they found the full fare online and it didn't have any added fees. It just wasn't as cheap as he wanted. You can google for coupon codes and sign up for fare alerts if you want to plan ahead.
  4. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    I've only traveled on Amtrak once but it was a great experience. There were no hidden costs, train was on time, passenger loading went quickly. Train was clean, comfortable and the dining car was very efficient with outstanding food. Arrived at the destination on time. The return trip was equally as enjoyable. Smooth ride all the way around.
  5. hotfazz

    hotfazz New Member

    booking tickets on Amtrak over the phone

    my experience booking tickets on Amtrak has been a positive one so far...I like the fact that almost all Amtrak tickets are fully refundable if you haven't yet printed them out. I'd also suggest booking tickets over the phone rather than online because online you don't have control over room selection.
  6. makeme45

    makeme45 New Member

    best time to book Amtrak tickets?

    I just wondered if there is a best time to book Amtrak tickets? I can see that i can't book for tickets for november 2012 at the moment and have been constantly checking the prices which don't seem to waiver that much apart form summer/holiday times. any ideas?
  7. areyouthere?

    areyouthere? New Member

    booking Amtrak tickets during low season

    that's because you can usually book 10 months in advance. Also, long distance sleeper car accommodations do not go on sale because they tend to sell out. Their cost goes up closer to travel date as the room supply goes down. Also, I recommend booking in October because you have fewer family vacation groups since school is back in session, so ticket prices are usually lower to begin with.
  8. aleinvspred

    aleinvspred New Member

    train cheaper than plane

    I recently did a trip on The Vermonter and the trip was very enjoyable and the best thing is that you don;t get no airport hassle. Amtrak is also far less expensive than flying. May even be less expensive than driving, if you count wear and tear on your car and parking.
  9. danmark0

    danmark0 New Member

    gotta love Amtrak

    like the poster above said Amtrak is more hassle-free than an airplane. You can buy your tickets online and if your order 3 days in advance you can use AAA to get a discount. I love train trips and the seats are big and comfy unlike planes. Amtrak is really an awesome way to travel!
  10. cutetecu

    cutetecu New Member

    booking amtrak tickets

    As long as your amtrak tickets are paid for in advance you can pick them up at the station from the ticket master or a self-serve kiosk. I would advise though that you arrive at the station in advance to avoid the queues..
  11. Newyears2010

    Newyears2010 New Member

    Amtrak? never again

    Amtrak? where do I start?! my trip on Amtrak with my husband from Omaha to Sacramento was pure hell...not only the train was a few hours late but also we had to pay an extra day's fare for the joy of waiting at the hideously uncomfortable station because the train pulled into the station just before midnight. The food was dull and uninspired...what a nightmare of train travel!

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