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Discussion in 'Ukraine' started by cardomna, Apr 22, 2011.

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    I was born in Miami, Fl, but both of my parents are immigrants from Ukraine. This summer I will be going to Ukraine, and I'm extremely anxious. Most of the uneasiness has to do with, and I know this may sound immature, "fitting in." Being born in America, I will consider myself "Americanized", and I wonder how that will affect my view of Ukraine.

    For those who have already visited Ukraine, could you share your experiences, and any travel tips will be appreciated.
  2. Danny

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    Im sure you'll do just fine in Ukraine. It's always nerve-wrecking traveling abroad for the first time. I wouldn't think you to worry about fitting in because you're American, especially since your parents are Ukrainian, though for the locals you will still be American.

    The only piece of advice I can give you that many Americans make a mistake about is: never comment on what should be fixed and how things here are not what they are back in America. Trust me, comments like that really gets on people's nerves.

    So, throw out any expectations you already have, relax and keep an open mind, and you'll love it there!
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    I am from Kyiv, Ukraine) So, if you have any questions - be my guest!
    Generally - you don t have to worry. The people here are mostly kind and open-hearted.
    On the other hand you should be ready for the fact that not everyone speaks english here, but as a rule, ukrainians are willing to help - that is more important)
    The prices are mostly cheap (food, transport etc.). But sure there are expensive restauraunts, clubs and so on...
    The history and culture are really rich! There are so many places i can recommend you to visit!
    So - ask!

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