Borobudur Buddhist Temples

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    One of the most amazing Buddhist Temple complexes can be found in Central Java. Borobudur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for it's cultural treasures. It's collections of architecture and statues is unparalleled, and it's story is really interesting. UNSECO spearheaded a major restoration in the 70s, saving this ancient site in Borobudur .
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    Borobudur Indonesia

    If you are going to in Indonesia, you definitely have to visit's the greatest Bhudist temple in the region in my opinion. The reason I admire this temple so much it's because it's entirely carved in stone, and it's surrounded by volcano scenery. It is really one of the world great wonders !!
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    biggest Budhist temple

    java is a wonderful setting for an architectural wonder and yes it's the biggest Budhist temple in the world! I remember counting 11 floors and if you want to visit all the temple, you have to walk almost 3 miles around and climb many steps.
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    Near Borobudur temple, you can also visit Prambanan temple.
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    Visiting Indonesia isn't complete without visiting Borobudur Temple is a large, fairly heavily visited temple close to Yogyakarta. Borobudur is magnificent temple in java. It looks really good at the time of sunrise.
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    Borobudur Temple is a testimony of Indonesia's greatest historical achievement, remnants of a time when Indonesian culture was at its zenith.

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