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Discussion in 'Massachusetts' started by guposd, Apr 23, 2009.

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    hello to all!

    I am looking for some suggestions on whale watching in Massachusetts. I heard there are good spots around and i was wondering what is Boston like for whale watching and so on.

    Thanks alot
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    Hi there,

    City ports such as Newburyport, Gloucester, Salem, Boston, and Cape Cod offer whale watching trips and tours. Whale watching tours run from April to October and you can expect rates to be around $40.

    Provincetown is another great spot for whale watching in Massachusetts as it’s the closest harbor from Stellwagen Bank. Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown offers whale watching in Massachusetts and guarantees that if you do not see any whales you will receive a free ticket for a future trip.

    Whale watching in Massachusetts is definitely one of the top attractions and it is a memorable experience to see these beautiful and majestic animals.

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    We've been several times and always seen whales. The most amazing site ever is when they breach next to the boat! The little ones are the most inquisitive and come right up and look at you until Mom calls them away.

    The whale watching season started in late April. I was told by an art gallery owner in Provincetown in mid April that whales had been spotted from land - that's a bit unusual, but it happens, and it tends to suggest that the whale-watching season will be a good one.

    The season will run through late October. Whales spend the summer off Stellwagen Bank because they find a lot of food there, but they go to Florida for the Winter in order to find warmer water.

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