brazil in 10 days, is that enough?

Discussion in 'Brazil' started by bruseforsith, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. bruseforsith

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    we're taking a trip to brazil in Aug and have 10 days only. we're thinking of going to Rio, Manaus- to see the amazon and fernando de noronha, however we are having a hard time getting a flight to fernando, even with brazil pass. does anyone have any recommendations?

    Also, where would you recommend staying in any of these locations? we want a good but affordable place to stay in the Amazon, with an authentic experience...
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    I´ve been to the amazon myself so I would recommend Ariau and Juma Lodges for a true experience in the Amazon.

    As for Rio, you have plenty of options there, but do try to stick to popular tourist spots like Ipanema or Leblon.

    Regrading Fernando de Noronha, you will not find proper hotels, but hostel/ B&B type accommodation, though the good thing is that there are lot´s of them and they are all family owned and very cheap.

    As for flights to Fernando de Noronha, it is difficult to fly to Noronha as you have to take a plane to Recife or Natal and then get a connecting flight to Noronha which is the difficult part since there aren´t that many available.
  3. speedoflight

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    Hey mate, to be honest I don't think 10 days is enough to do all this... Have in mind that Brazil is a big country, so travelling around takes some extra time. The places you mentioned are quite far from each other: Manaus is North West of the country while Fernando de Noronha is at the North East and Rio is at the South East.. I'd advise 15 days just so you can spend at least 4 ou 5 days on each and allow yourself to enjoy and not rush so much.
    Hope that helps
  4. ixke

    ixke New Member

    I know everyone has limits
    time-limits for sure
    but I will never understand how one could ask if 10days is enough to visit a country like Brazil
    I live here for years now and I've only seen a fraction ...
  5. MartinaTopley

    MartinaTopley New Member

    tips for brazil

    for domestic cheap flights in Brazil go to either "" or "". Also, don't bother renting a car in Brazil, specially in Rio. Buses are a good option to travel interstate, they are very comfortable and some have f/c seats. however, if you dont speak Portuguese buying bus tickets in Brazil might be a challenge.
  6. MaryLane

    MaryLane New Member

    I think 10 days are not enough.. You'd better stay longer.. They say carnival and the tourist destinations in Brazil was so cool... I must visit Brazil too..
  7. ixke

    ixke New Member

    Fancy going with me MaryLane ??? You are more than welcome !

  8. hasan29

    hasan29 New Member

    Have a nice trip in Brazil. Food from street and beach vendors has a bad hygienic reputation in Brazil. The later in the day, the worse it gets. Bottled and canned drinks are safe, although some people will insist on using a straw to avoid contact with the exterior of the container.

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