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Discussion in 'Brazil' started by stellaer, May 8, 2008.

  1. stellaer

    stellaer New Member


    i am about to travel to Brazil in August,
    i would like to have beach holidays but i am worried about the weather at this time of the year..
    any suggestions for beach holidays in Brazil in August?
    thanx in advance,

  2. Richard Leon

    Richard Leon New Member

    Hi stella,

    The best beach points in Brazil are Ilha Grande, Florianopolis and Busios. Rio de Janeiro also has good beaches combined with a busy/cool city. Salvador Bahia also has great beaches in the city and the surroundings (this is where capoeira and samba where born). Basically, all the coast of Brazil are filled with beautiful paradise-like beaches.

    But, I have been to Brazil 2 times now looking for a beach vacation, but it ended up raining almost half of the days. Brazil is a tropical country so it basically rains 50% of the time no matter what month/season you go. If you want a guaranteed beach vacation I would actually consider going to the Caribean during no-rain season. But Brazil is not only about the beaches, its culture and lifestyle are contagiuos. If you go with the right mindset, you wont mind if it rains.

    hope this helps

    Richard Leon
  3. kellecarvalho

    kellecarvalho New Member

    Hi dear Stellaer
    I live in Brazil and the best things to do here in august are:
    beaches - northeast, specially Natal(rio grande do norte state) and Maceio(Alagoas state), these two places are capitals but not so busy and expensive like rio de janeiro. the temperature is around 30ºC.
    if you don't want take the risk to get rain, go to south or southwest. A good place to isit is Minas Gerais, where you can visit churches that were made in 18century and amazing artcraft.Special attention to Ouro Preto and Tiradentes towns. I hope you enjoy!
  4. chris1906

    chris1906 New Member

    just wanted to know somthing im planning a trip to brazil in september, is it safe and what precautions do i need to take?
  5. requriem

    requriem New Member

    we r planning a trip to Brazil for a week in early august, but I keep reading that the second week of August will be quite?! Is this true? also, any recommendations on beaches, jungles, and best part of the country for this time of year?
  6. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    August is one of the best times to go to Brazil as far as hotels and B&B are concerned as it is low season, so they will all be at least half price.

    You will find good deals on flights too, though you will have to wait until mid August for a nice bargain or decent slashed airfare.

    Good places for good beaches are Itacare, Natal and the entire northeast coast of Brazil, which has many tourist amenities like hotels, rental shops, etc.
  7. pathoca

    pathoca New Member

    hi stella!!!

    i have a suggestion: is not a beach but is a great place close to nature and in the middle of Bahia's state

    vale do capão - Chapada diamantina
    there is a inn in center of palmeira's city in chapada diamantina it calls lendas do capão:

    stuck in chapada diamantina's park;
    many options terapeutics activities:
    adventure sports like: arborism, tyrolean, rappel and suspension brigde;
    work of sustainable tourism;
    unparalleled and warms accomodations;
    trekking around the valley;
    workshops and courses self knowledge;

    look at their web site:
    that's my option to visit brazil whit safe and not too much rains on winter.

    have fun!!!
  8. julietita

    julietita New Member

    Jungle and forest areas are rainy during summer time... but in August everything gets normal, I mean sunny and waaaaarm aanddd hoooot!!! =)
  9. ixke

    ixke New Member

    August is a season when there is a higher risk of rain, after all that's "winter" here in Brazil.
    But average day temperatures still get an easy 27-28°C

    Btw, Bahia counts about 280 beaches, most of them really nice to remain, take Praia do Forte or the isle of Morro de Sao Paulo or Boipeba for example.
  10. MaryLane

    MaryLane New Member

    It's the best to travel to Brazil in that month.. I think August is winter in Brazil but you can go at beach everyday just wear lite shirts because it's not cold at all..... I think the coldest in RIO would be 60 degrees so enjoy it....
  11. bornedWild!

    bornedWild! New Member

    freezing in Brazil in August

    It's freezing temps in Brazil in early August... remember it's a different hemisphere. dont make the mistake of coming here expecting sweltering weather because you wont find it. Still, the people there made our visit a comfortable one.
  12. ixke

    ixke New Member

    Re: freezing in Brazil in August

    freezing ???
    hellooooo, some major part of Brazil is TROPICAL
    in Bahia for example we have average day temperatures of 27°C ...
    freezing is extremely rare ... in the extreme south of the country ;-)

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