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    Are you looking to experience some amazing scenery? Consider adding a visit to some Brazil waterfalls to your travel plans.

    Iguaçu Falls is probably the most famous. Located on the border of Brazil and Argentina, these thundering falls tumble to the ground over the Parana Plateau, not far from the Parana River. Several airports are located nearby, so they're easy to get to without a lot of struggle. Your time will be richly rewarded!
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    Iguazzu waterfalls

    Well said wanderer! I almost didn't include a trip to Iguacu Falls in my holiday to Brazil because I thought the falls wouldn't live up to the hype, but I was wrong! these falls are the best falls you will ever see. The falls are very spectacular from every vantage point but be sure to take a boat under the falls for even better views.

    Finally, my recommendation if you are going to the fall is to do both the Argentinian and Brazilian side and to do it in this order.

  3. wanderer

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    Thanks! I'm glad you were able to see these wonderful things in person. Thanks for sharing your expereince!
  4. mitraveler

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    Can you go swimming at any of these waterfalls or are they just stand at a distance with a camera.
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    viewing Iguazu waterfalls

    there are many ways to experience Iguazu falls like doing special tours of the falls by moonlight, which is something I'd recommend everyone! As far as best views goes, I only went to the Argentinian side and it was fabulous. However, both sides of the falls are magnificent, so it is a matter of personal tastes and one's assessment. But if you stay on the Argentine side-- try to stay in the Sheraton. From this hotel you can view the falls in all of their glory.
  6. mitraveler

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    That's cool that you get to visit two countries when you see Iguzau Falls. I always like to cross borders whenever possible.
  7. 21dec2012

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    going to Iguazzu waterfalls

    I agree that you should view the Iguazzu falls from both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides, but what nobody has mentioned is that if you visit the falls from the Argentine side, you will be turned away at the border when wanting to see them from Brazil.

    I'd like to add also that it costs roughly $28 to enter the park, while the Full Moon tours are way too overrated and overpriced (double the price) in my opinion.
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    Never been there but heard amazing things about it.. thanks for sharing your experience :) I'm a adventurous traveller and have been to other places around Brazil as well. One of them is Chapada Diamantina, not so famous among tourists but it's awesome! Wow. The place is just breathtaking, waterfalls, rivers, ponds, forest, nature, caves, lagoons.. It's situated in the state of Bahia, North East of Brazil. It's a paradise for the adventurers and lovers of nature ;)
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    must see attraction in south america

    Nothing really prepares you for how mind blowing the Iguazzu falls really are. In my opinion the Brazilian side will give you a better experience. I would also recommend the boat ride/experience to the base of 2 of the larger falls. The 'jungle safari' after the boat ride is okay but nothing extraordinary. I think this park beats Niagara Falls hands down in every aspect.
  10. 30lool

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    stunning Iguazzu falls

    the only regret i have about going to Iguazu Falls is that i wished i would have gone earlier in the day. We got there a couple hours before the park closed so we were kinda rushing. Saying this, I was able to get good pictures and walking to the falls felt like a kodak moment! Also there is a little island next to the falls you can take a boat, and lots of wildlife everywhere to be seen like toucans, butterflies, etc.
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    Often overseen is the National Park of Chapada Diamantina with numerous waterfalls (amongst them the second highest of the world, Cascada da Fumaça, with 380m height ...) and loads of places where one can take a relaxing swim.
    I often go there so one can always ask me for info.
    Greetings from the tropIX

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