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Discussion in 'Oregon' started by future2back, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. future2back

    future2back New Member

    Wondering where to go in Oregon for brewery tours? Pretty much anywhere in Oregon you cna do a brewery tour, though Portland is probably the capital of brews! My favorite personal is the 10 Barrell Brewing in Bend. This place makes some of the best brews in all of Oregon. I like going there because of its location along the scenic mile east of Highway 97.
  2. jenniConroe

    jenniConroe New Member

    Widmer tour is a good one. Other tours I have been on are Full Sail in Hood River and Deschutes in Bend. The Deschutes tour was actually my favorite because of the amazing size of the scale of the tanks.
  3. Arduinerd

    Arduinerd New Member

    Roque Brewery in Newport, Oregon is a good one too. They have some great brews too!

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