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Discussion in 'Canada' started by bodymy, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. bodymy

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    hello, I am planning a trip to Canada for the first time sometime next year and I am looking for ideas on where to go. I am under the impression that British Columbia is a great starting point? what are the most popualr places to visit in BC?
  2. Ruby

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    I couldn't agree more since British Columbia has a lot to offer in terms of city attractions like Vancouver and Victoria Island, and outdoor opportunities like skiing to the top of Whistler Mountain. You can even venture further north, where Alaska and the Yukon meet, and explore old mining villages.

    I think as a starting point, Vancouver is king because it enjoys excellent views, mild year-round weather, and many things to do such as taking a stop at Stanley Park, which is one of the coolest urban parks outside of New York City's Central Park.
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    Excellent choice! If you wanted to see more of the Canadian west, there are trains and flights to Alberta and the Northwest Territories, even the Yukon.

    Vancouver is really the crossroads of the west. It's also a starting point to trips to northern British Columbia...up north is supposed to be quite lovely in the summertime.

    Prince Rupert is also an old charming town that has been turned into a cruise ship town. You'll find chances to meet with First Nations artisans and nature excursions--lots of fun stuff.

  4. PamelaWalker

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    Canada is full of tourist attraction. You should visit Ontario. Some of the tourist attractions here are CN tower, Niagara Fall, Parks and Museums. BC is known as the outdoor playground of Canada. You can do lots of adventurous activities here.
  5. howya'doing

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    must-sees in BC

    BC is huge..where are you planning to stay? anyhow, these are some of the must-sees in BC

    1)Stanley Park
    2)Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet
    3)Pacific Rim National Park
    4)Gondola car in Whistler
    5)Butchart Gardens
    6)Royal BC Museum
    7)Ucluelet Aquarium
    8) Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver
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    Did you go? How was it?

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