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Discussion in 'Belgium' started by juriPO, Aug 30, 2013.

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    Mini-Europe, the Greenhouses of Laeken, Atomium, etc are all great attractions in Brussels, but one must do attraction that I would really recommend when in Brussels is taking a tour of Brussels sewers. The Brussels sewers are a gigantic subterranean network (more than 200 miles). Guided tours are offered from Tuesday till Friday and cost 3 euro per person.
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    Interesting but a bit smelly...

    I don't think the tour of Brussels sewers is all that popular tbh..I remember doing this tour and being one of 4 people there that day! By all means, see it if you have time and are curious since you'll get to see the different types of sewer and sewer maintenance equipment used. There is also a display at ground level showing how the sewers were built and how deep it goes compared (deeper than the Metro line).
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    I've been to both the sewers in paris and brussels and i can tell you that brussels sewers are more realistic than its counterpart in paris, which have been prettied-up. All in all, worth the experience i would say, especially since the exhibits are all labeled in english, though the actual tour is given in only french and flemish (aka dutch).

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