Brussels vs Madrid, which one is best in May?

Discussion in 'Belgium' started by carltonbanks, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. carltonbanks

    carltonbanks New Member

    A few of us are planning a late spring holiday in Europe and can't decide between Brussels and Madrid. Which one would u choose in mid-May?
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    To be honest, both of them are great places to visit in mid May. Brussels has a very charming old part, the food is excellent and the Belgium beer is the best!

    Madrid is great too, and I'd probably head to Madrid because the bullfighting season kicks off on the 15th May in Las Ventas, and if you're looking for lively nightlife and great food, there's nowhere better in Europe than Madrid.
  3. renald

    renald New Member

    Frankly speaking, I prefer to visit Brussels, because it has many famous attractions like
    Abbaye de la Cambre
    Anderlecht Béguinage
    Eglise du Béguinage
    St Michael and Gudula Cathedral and many more... we can really enjoy this destinations...
  4. isallonly

    isallonly New Member

    Brussels vs Madrid: Brussels wins it!

    Weather-wise, it won't be much different between Madrid and Brussels so expect warm weather and rain at any time. If I had to choose I would go for Brussels, why? because of the people and the cool attractions such as Atomium, Mini Europe, the Belgian Comics Strip Center, the Chocolate museum and Brussels Tram Museum.
  5. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I have to throw in my vote for Brussels too. It has great energy and is one of the most exciting places that I've ever been. That isn't to say overwhelming though. I felt right at home there and I need to go back.

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