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Discussion in 'Kentucky' started by SimpleMinds, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. SimpleMinds

    SimpleMinds New Member

    Being a sports fan myself, i wanted to drop my all-time top sporting events to ever attend:

    1. World Cup
    2. Kentucky Derby
    3. The Masters
    4. Daytona 500

    I must say these events aren't for the tight budgets. Im sure there are others worth attending. what's your favorite sporting events and which ones have you been to?
  2. Gingerpan

    Gingerpan New Member

    Weird you didn't add any tennis unless you're not a fan. Wimbledon and the US open are great. I'm not much of a golf or horse racing person. Daytona 500 would be one on my bucket list next year 2015;)
  3. Vagabonde

    Vagabonde New Member

    if you are into your soccer, you should really attend a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain. These two clubs are arch rivals and they face each other is like the country comes to a stand-still. Football is crazy over there in Spain.

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