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    Fall is a fantastic time for festivals in Budapest. Some of the biggest and best events happen during harvest time. The Budapest International Wine Festival in mid-September grows more and more popular every year. Its Wine University is a great way to learn about the beverage and wine culture. There's also a parade and plenty of good food.

    If you're after good food...just wait until October for the Budapest Pálinka and Sausage Festival held at the Buda Castle.

    What's your favorite???
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    what is Palinka?

    I always try to go to Budapest every year during the annual Palinka and Sausage festival, just for the food. Saying this, the Palinka and Sausage festival is not as large as the beer festival and the wine festival, but it is still a great if you're a fan of good gastronomy.

    Oh by the way, if you're wondering what Palinka is, it's a fruit spirit similar to Grappa and Slivovitz made using one or several fruits like apple, pear, apricot, plum, grapes, strawberries, sour cherry, etc. What makes a good Palinka is high quality fruit, and of course, nothing added to it;)
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    Buda Castle festivals

    Went to Hungary especially for for the Palinka and sausage fest to enjoy the hot food, drinks, live music and to view see the Buda castle, which is really stunning at night. Do make sure you see the castle during the day because it offers great views over the city. Oh, there's also a changing of the guard (like the one in Buckingham palace), which takes place every hour on the hour and it is a sight to behold.

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