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Discussion in 'Flights' started by wanderer, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Budget airlines, based in Asia, are starting to add more routes, attracting more business and giving travelers more options. Scoot, by Singapore Airlines, is going to add these routes, and AirAsiaX (Malaysia) and Jetstar, a part of Qantas and one of the airlines to Australia , are already offering these trips.

    I'll add more about the routes when I can find some more details.
  2. ManuelMendez

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    top 5 budget airlines in south east asia

    it's good news to hear about budget airlines popping up all over Asia. Thanks to them air travel to and within Asia has become a whole lot more affordable, though it's sometimes nice getting on a bus and hammering out the distances. my list of top 5 budget airlines in south east asia: air asia, jetstar, tiger airways, firefly and lion air.
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    travel by air in Southeast Asia

    I second that! Asia (southeast asia in particular) is becoming increasingly cheaper to get to and there has never been a better to time to travel by air in Southeast Asia than now. Domestic flights will also be cheaper which means no more uncomfortable long distance bus rides (woo woo)!
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    cheap airlines in Asia have "weird" names

    you forgot to mention SpiceJet...anyone noticed how all these airlines in Asia have "weird" names? It's kind odd that they come up with names like "Spice Jet" because the airline is based in India. Can you imagine an airline named "fishy&chips airways" or "french-fries air"?
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    almost pissed my pants

    haha, that's funny supasupa..never saw it like that! Spicejet gotta be one of the worst low-cost airlines in South Asia and Central Asia for sure. I flew a domestic flight with them once and upon landing, the plane touched ground, then floated back up into the air three friggin times! Don't know what was going through the pilot's head but let me tell you I almost pissed my pants(lol)

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