Buenos Aires to Montevideo Uruguay

Discussion in 'Argentina' started by winger, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. winger

    winger New Member

    I heard you can take a ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo. Does anyone know roughly how much this costs?
  2. Marcos Wolff

    Marcos Wolff New Member

    Yes, you can! RT prices go from $70 to $180 dollars...
  3. winger

    winger New Member

    what currency would you be referring to?
  4. Marcos Wolff

    Marcos Wolff New Member

    US Dollars
  5. Benco

    Benco New Member

    Normally people take a ferry to Colonia in Uruguay, which takes about an hour or so, and then continue by bus to Montevideo. One of the big companies is Buquebus, I forgot the name of the other one.

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