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    Actually i really like to visit variuos museums especially very old ones, recently i heard about Buffalo Bill museum, Cody Wyoming and looking for some guidance on it like where it is located, what it has etc., i would love to go there soon, so give some information on Buffalo Bill museum, Cody Wyoming.
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    Here is the address of the museum:

    Buffalo Bill Historical Center
    720 Sheridan Ave
    Cody, WY 82414


    The Buffalo Bill Museum examines both the personal and public lives of W.F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody (1846-1917) and seeks to tell his story in the context of the history and myth of the American West. It is highly regarded as a research center focusing on the life and times of "Buffalo Bill."

    The collections of the Buffalo Bill Museum interpret the history of the American cowboy, dude ranching, Western conservation, frontier entrepreneurship and, perhaps most importantly, the source of our concepts about the West. The museum records how Buffalo Bill, in an age without television or motion pictures, became the world's foremost communicator about the American West.

    Check out the Buffalo Bill Museum Cody information page

    I hope this helps.
  3. Andrew

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    Cody Wyoming is the home of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center which is one of the most popular attractions of Wyoming. It is located in northwestern Wyoming and has a collection of Buffalo Bill's personal items.
    Buffalo Bill museum has five internationally acclaimed museums and a research library. They are Whitney Gallery of Western Art, Buffalo Bill Museum, Plains Indian Museum, Cody Firearms Museum, Draper Museum of Natural History and Harold McCracken Research Library.
    One of the amazing things about this is, it is filled with the largest collection of guns in the world. Also it has things from small catapults and bows and arrows to the more modern artillery like the M-16.
    So definitely it is a must see museum, so don't miss it.
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    Thanks for all reply Guys, i just want to know other things to see around or walk around a bit near Buffalo Bill museum...that's some places you've visited....do u?
  5. sas1

    sas1 New Member

    Thanks for all reply Guys, i just want to know other things to see around or walk around a bit near Buffalo Bill museum...that's some places you've visited....do u?
  6. Andrew

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    If you are a park goer then Yellowstone National Park] is a perfect choice. This Picnic spot is one of favourite places of all Cody, wyoming visitors.

    If you are a adventure seeker, then you will definitely enjoy The Buffalo Bill Dam, just very near to the Buffalo Bill museum. You can walk over the dam and watch the deep blue water of the reservoir. There is a lake behind the dam perfect for boaters, anglers and windsurfers.

    You said you like to visit museums, so another interesting place I can suggest is Tecumseh's Old West Miniature Village and Museum. It has thousands of miniature figures trace the history of Wyoming and Montana from the 1600s to 1890s. You can vist Cody Firearms Museum as well.

    You can even go for a Cody Night Rodeo if you visit in summer.

    If you decide to drive then I recommend Cody Trolley Tours.

    Hope this helps!
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    thanks agian, one more info please, is the Cody trolley tours vailable year around? where can i get the ticket?approx.how much?
  8. Andrew

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    no, Cody trolley tours are not available year around and this year the season begins in June and runs through early September, i think it's from June 2 - September 27. Cody trolley tour is one the best things to do in Wyoming and a quickest way to view the historical sites, wildlife and other sites around Cody. You can purchase the tickets from the admission desk in the historical center and the tour depart from and return in front of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. The cost is free for children under 5, for yrs from 5 to 12-$16, from 13 to 17- $20, above 17 - $32.hope this helps!
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    The Buffalo Bill Museum shows both, the personal and public lives of W.F Cody, known to all as "Buffalo Bill". It is located in Cody, Wyoming, and north Yellowstone Nat'l Park. Besides the personal effects of Buffalo Bill, it also has a very fine Indian Museum. The Fireams Museum, is considered the largest collection of firearms in the United States.

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