Bus Travel From Cancun to Tijuana?

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by nedgoudy, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. nedgoudy

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    i am flying into Cancun and meet my GF who is fluent in SPANISH and has traveled via bus extensively ALONE in Mexico, BUT... I need to know how much a total trip via bus from Cancun to Tijuana would cost and how many days that would take AT THE LEAST...

    Also... is it safe to eat food in central mexico or do you take your life in your own hands? (I realize this may be a gringo question to the max... but I gotta ask??? I figure to take plenty of Immodium AD with me as it is, but would like to know what to expect.

    Any advise from veteran travelers would be a great thing. I am not opposed to taking a week or 10 days or more for the trip from Cancun to Los Angeles, but just need to get an idea what to expect???

  2. nedgoudy

    nedgoudy New Member

    Well... I guess if anyone from this forum DID get on a bus in Cancun and attempt to ride it to Tijuana that they must have died on the way and we will never know what happened to them.

    What other explanation could there be?

    But seriously folks... anyone had any experience riding a bus out of Cancun into the North beyond?

  3. d360

    d360 Administrator

    Hi Ned,

    It looks like no one has the answer, yet. I've traveled extensively throughout Mexico and while I've never been Cancun north I've been Cancan south to the border and I found it to be perfectly safe and enjoyable. Much better than driving.

    I've taken buses up by Cabo, down by Zihu, through the interior of the country and never had any problems to speak of. Once while driving I did get pulled over by the Mexican police and extorted me for 500 pesos.

    The food is incredible! if you like Mexican food and if you search out the good stuff. Some of the best food I've had is from the small food stands run by old ladies. Cheap and Good!

    You can always go to an expensive hotel if you want to eat more American style food and prices.

    ADO, Omnibuses de Mexico, and Primera Plus are some of the major first class bus lines.

    The luxury buses are usually called Clase Lujo or Clase Executivo.I have ridden the luxury buses and they are excellent. These have only three seats across, instead of the usual four seats. The cost is about US$3-4 for every 100km covered.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.
  4. nedgoudy

    nedgoudy New Member


    Upon review of the internet, and discussions with GF on the matter I now realize that BUS travel in Mexico is WIDE OPEN... clean, safe and convenient...

    I am going to spend 40 days and see it all... I am learning as much Spanish as possible, but my GF is fluent and I expect that we will have no problems throughout the trip...

    I would NOT consider this trip however if I weren't with a person I trust implicitly who has traveled extensively in Mexico previously and is capable of saving my butt from the Federales if the occasion should call for it. :eek:)

    Hasta la Vista Compadres...

    Un informe detallado seguirá

    Hasta Entonces...

  5. everyann

    everyann Guest

    Well sounds interesting! Be sure and let us know how your trip went.
  6. nedgoudy

    nedgoudy New Member

    Re: Bus Travel From Cancun to Tijuana? - FINAL CHAPER

    Just a word about Bus Travel in Mexico.

    I returned about two weeks ago from doing
    45 days in country. Flew into Cancun, did
    at least a week or more in each city of interest.

    GF spoke the language and I got good enough
    to get a bus and order food.

    Bus travel between Cancun and Mexico City
    and Guadalajara and Alcapulco is SUPERB.

    First class bus, Primero Plus Class, all great.
    Air conditioned, comfortable, on time, and on
    Primero Plus you get snacks and drinks at
    every stop. Even 2nd Class buses were not
    bad. Did have a bad experience on a 1st class
    bus from Puebla to Cuernavaca. The damned
    air conditioning went out and the driver just drove
    on. I began making jokes in Spanish, loundly so
    that all the locals could hear to the effect that the
    next stop the bus would make was in HELL because
    it was so f'n hot. But other than that, the entire trip was

    1st Class buses take US credit cards. Local, or Regional
    buses require CASH in Pesos. City buses can get you
    EVERYWHERE if you are willing to ride a bus with steel
    seats with no padding. In the larger cities however, city buses
    are just about as good as Los Angeles.

    Traveling by bus in Mexico is superb since the country
    is so beautiful. Starting in Cancun, you have pristine
    beaches and jungle, then jungle and such to Veracruz
    and a variety of other climes and geography all the way
    to the US. Mexico has ancient volcanoes everywhere
    and that makes for scenic beauty beyond compare.

    The bus trip from Puebla to Cuernavaca for example
    took us through an area so beautifutl, I had only seen
    pictures of some places in China that were so grand.

    And the benefit of course, is that you just sit in air
    conditioned comfort and watch the scenery roll by.

    Taxi's are available, but we didn't use them except in
    relative emergencies. Fares start at about $3.00 US for
    a taxi up to about 5 miles. We took one Taxi in Mexico
    City however for the two of us, from one side of town to
    the other. (About 20 miles) that cost $14.00 US. equivalent.

    WARNING HOWEVER: We essentially ended our
    Mexico trip in Guadalajara and took a 1st class bus
    all the way back to Los Angeles. THE FEDERAL
    and the agricultural inspectors in EVERY state of Mexico
    between Guadalajara and Tijuana PULLED us over, boarded
    the bus with MACHINE GUNS, made everyone get out of the
    bus and got into the guts of the Storage compartment and went
    through our belongings, alledgedly looking for DOPE. I assume
    they were also looking for subversives and Arabs posing as Mexican's
    and for WMD. I learned quickly to say in Spanish. Good Evening, my
    wife and I are NOT carrying anything dangerous in our luggage. No guns,
    No drugs, No alcohol, etc. We are friends of the people of the United States
    of Mexico and look forward to returning here soon. Blah Blah... On one occasion,
    they pulled the bus over and made all the men get out and checked us against
    a picture book. Again, apparently for WMD type issues.

    10 or 12 stops in the 40 hours it took to get from Guadalajara to Tijuana.

    Other than that, the buses were THE WAY to go. One word about City Buses
    however. Crowded city buses, with all the potholes in the street will quickly give
    you the strength of Superman, for standing in the aile,, (in my case, with a heavy
    day pack on my back) and holding onto the rail, balancing to keep from falling on
    your butt, and after 15 miles, beginning to feel like you were being cruxified from the
    pain. But after about week three, I became invincible.

    Final Thought: Mexico is a magical place. In 45 days, I spent what AAA asks
    for 7 days in Cancun. We traveled by bus, stayed in youth hostels and cheap(er)
    hotels, ate where the locals ate, and had the time of our lives. I highly recommend
    Mexico for adventure, faith building experiences, making new friends and learning
    a new way of life. I will never be the same person again after this trip. And we intend
    to go back in successive years and see Northern Mexico, Chiapis, Oxoca, and then
    into Belise, Paraguy, Bolivia and more.

    age 57
  7. natnuts

    natnuts New Member

    that bus link i tried . no departures from tijuana
    what else can i try?
  8. hermandaz

    hermandaz New Member

    bus fare between Cancun and Tijuana

    i've done this route and the bus fare between Cancun and Tijuana cost me around 200 Mexican pesos, which is about $150. I normally would say that the bus is best, but it took around 12 hours to get there. I thought that flying would've been better at then end so I'd say fly to Tijuana.
  9. Qatarina

    Qatarina New Member

    flying from Cancun to Tijuana

    If choose to fly between Cancun and Tijuana, be sure the flight is routed through Mexico City as it'll work out much cheaper budget airlines such as Aerolineas Volaris and Aviacsa.

    By the way, it won't be much cheaper if you book a round-trip ticket, so get two one-way trips as this will allow you to travel by bus or taxi.

    I found a flight on Aviacsa from Tijuana to Cancun for less than $100 one way, even with a stop in Mexico City. You could return to Tijuana from Cancun by bus, or fly from Cancun to Tijuana, again via Mexico City.
  10. hermandaz

    hermandaz New Member

    bus travel in mexico safe

    just wanted to share some tips for traveling safe by bus in Mexico since nobody seems to have shared some light yet...

    Basically, if you want to bus around mexico whether is from Cancun to Tijuana or Guadalajara as a tourist you need leave that flashy camera around your neck, and the lonelyplanet guidebook back home, or at least out of sight!

    Im amazed at the amount of people I come across that complaint about safety in Mexico, but forget this universal(though untold) truth..."don't make yourself a mark for thieves"

    Also, why would you want to go to Tijuana?... Tijuana is not a good part of mexico so I would recommend going to acapulco or ixtapa.
  11. demolicion

    demolicion New Member

    Cancun to Tijuana by bus is crazy!

    Traveling from Cancun to Tijuana by bus is absolute madness! First of all, it'll be a long and uncertain drive even by car. I live on the border and I don't even travel in Mexico so how would anyone think of busing it from Tijuana to Cancun and make it, it's beyond me.

    Im sure you guys have heard of the drug lords and the corrupt police who will shoot at you for no reason. They do kidnap people and they will ransom them for very little money, or they will cut off your ears and fingers.

    sorry, I know some folks would say Im negative but Im telling the truth...good luck!
  12. goliathII

    goliathII New Member

    travel warnings for Tijuana

    There are travel warnings advising US travelers to stay away from Tijuana, and I would certainly suggest to stay in the well-known tourist areas. Even then, from personal experience if you want to go to Tijuana, the best thing you can do is to take a guided tour.

    Either way, don't let the fear not enjoy Tijuana which is a lovely city! Make sure you watch a greyhound race at the Hipodromo Caliente at Tapachula, visit the Tijuana Cultural Center to learn about Baja peninsula history from ancient cave paintings to modern times.
  13. cancunhol

    cancunhol New Member

    it is safe to eat in Mexico

    What is up with so many people being negative about Mexico? Seriously, do you think the US is much better? There are border problems because of drug cartels and corrupt cops and politicians, but most people know this by now.

    You'd think people would be aware about it by now, wouldn't you? But to talk about whether it is safe to eat in Mexico is ridiculous. Why wouldn't be safe to eat or drink in Mexico? I forgive you for any ignorance, but I have been to Mexico with my family as a child and no one got sick.

  14. windy88hu

    windy88hu New Member

    Mexico isn't so bad in tourist areas

    Traveling by bus in Mexico alone isn't so much bad in tourist areas like playa del carmen or cancun, and major cities like Guadalajara. However, I wouldn't say that the safest way to travel in Mexico is by bus.

    Of course, if your plan to take a road trip around the country with a bunch of freinds, then the bus isn't as bad because of safety in numbers. Be sure to use bus lines such as ADO GL, UNO, Primera Plus, or ETN, Turistar Ejecutivo.
  15. aiming56

    aiming56 New Member

    silly gringo question

    It's a silly gringo question but trust me you'll be fine in Mexico. You'll have nothing to worry about eating out, though Immodium AD may come handy because Mexican food is spicy.

    I'm not sure about traveling by bus though to Tijuana not because of safety but because it will be a horrendous bus ride. You won't really enjoy the experience of bus travel in Mexico so I'd think twice about doing the trip as it won't be romantic to say the least.

  16. seniorlevel

    seniorlevel New Member

    bus travel in Mexico is cheap

    Long distance bus travel in Mexico is cheap, and there are dozens of bus companies to choose so, you don’t need to book travel in advance as the price is the same whether you book in advance or two minutes before boarding.

    However if you if you plan to visit independently places like Mexico city, Puebla, Chichen Itza, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or Tulum, I recommend you get on a Wayak Bus. I really recommended this shuttle service because it offers the option to hop-on and hop-off along the way.
  17. RobertKelly

    RobertKelly New Member

    1st and 2nd class intercity bus

    I agree about the buses in Mexico. the 1st and 2nd class intercity bus are modern with comfortable seats, air conditioners, and working toilets, though there aren't much difference between 1st and 2nd class to justify the price.

    Second class does make more stops, and can be a bit annoying and stressful if you just want to get there quickly, but other than that I'd say that 2nd class isn't bad at all.

  18. Oliver-benji

    Oliver-benji New Member

    No way Jose!

    Are you really serious dude? Traveling from Cancun to Los Angeles by bus? No way Jose! Mexico has outstanding long-distance bus services, but it’s a mighty long way from Cancun to LA. But if you’re touring Mexico by bus anyway, then you know what’s involved in riding the buses. Cancun is about 20 hours by bus from Mexico City. If you arrive in Cancun by air, you might want to take bus trips to other destinations in the Yucatan.

  19. windy88hu

    windy88hu New Member

    worse places than Tijuana

    @nedgoudy: there are more "dangerous" places in the world like australia and south africa than Mexico. Cant understand Mexico's reputation which is always much worse than the reality.

    Yes, there have been murders, kidnappings, etc, etc along the US/Mexico border for the last few years, but nation-wide people are being murdered due to other troubles, but the media never says zip! I think San Diego has a kidnapping problem and I think Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the US, so Tijuana isn't that bad after all.

  20. thieryhenrii

    thieryhenrii New Member

    bus travel in mexico

    Yes buses are an excellent way to get around Mexico but there's little English spoken at bus stations, so if you're not fluent you need to come prepared with your destination written down, then double check the departure several times just to make sure you get to the right departing lane on time.

    by the way, the deluxe buses are less crowed than the other buses, show movies en route, are air-conditioned, and do fewer stops than the other buses. If you ask me, I'd choose deluxe travel in Mexico any day!

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