bus vs train travel in Chile

Discussion in 'Chile' started by Dnatbutton, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Dnatbutton

    Dnatbutton New Member

    how does train travel and bus travel compare to one another? which one is more reliable, less expensive and better overall in your opinion?
  2. Santiagoan

    Santiagoan New Member

    Personally I like Train between Santiago and Chillan. (250miles/400km). It's fast and mostly reliable.

    None the less, Passenger trains, which have been pushed out of the market by the competition from superb buses (check turbus.cl and pullmanbus.cl ) and by a lack of timely investments for modernization, only run from Santiago south until Chillan (approx. 250miles).

    Compared to the bus, there are few trains leaving during the day, but - for a similar price - they offer more space and services (bar, restaurant). All trains leave from Estación Central (subway station) where you can easily get by the subway.

    There is fast and reliable light rail service called Metrotren 40 times a day between Santiago and Rancagua, eight times a day to San Fernando.

    Train Reservations: efe.cl, ph. (+56) (2) 3768500
  3. missadventure

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    When I was travelling around the south (Patagonia) I couldn't find much in the way of train service. The buses however are plentiful and the service is easy to figure out.

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