Buses from Iguazu Falls to Salta

Discussion in 'Argentina' started by Rene UK, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Rene UK

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    I wondered if any body knew if there is a bus direct from Iguazu Falls to Salta. How long the journey would be (I can imagine long) and the cost I will be travelling in April. Also how far in advance do you have to book buses (especially over night and weekend) can you generally book them the same day or at least a day in advance.

    Many Thanks

  2. d360

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    Andesmar runs Iguazu-Tucuman (transfer)-Salta. The trip takes about 23 hours up to Tucuman. Book at least a day in advance is best.
  3. Marcos Wolff

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    Irene, if you have some time, I'd recommend you to get off the bus in Tucuman and travel along the Calchaqui Valley by bus stopping in every small town you may find on the way: Tafí del Valle, Amaicha del Valle, Quilmes, Santa María (Catamarca) arriving to Cafayate (Salta). The company Aconquija provides a ticket that allows you to get down the bus and continue the next day or whenever you want to continue. Make sure you dont have a tight schedule when taking Andesmar from Iguazu as sometimes they may take more than 24 hours and as it is the only service between those cities, try to purchase your ticket in advance, specially during high season. Just to let you know, the buses are not the best available in Argentina and the route is not that enjoyable, but well... it is the only option...

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