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Discussion in 'Ukraine' started by GleeGlitter, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. GleeGlitter

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    Anyone looking to buy tickets online for an opera show in Kiev needs to know that you can either buy an e-ticket, or pre-book your tickets to pick up at the door. With the latter, no prepayment is required but there's a pick-up deadline, which means if you miss it your pre-booked tickets will go to someone else. My advise is to buy an e-ticket if you're booking from overseas;)
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    I too would suggest waiting until you arrive there to buy the tickets. That's what me and my friend did when going to the National Ukraine Opera House in Kiev. We had no problems buying tickets an hour before the show but you can buy tickets weeks in advance since most shows are listed weeks before.
  3. Listenkoi

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    Seeing an opera show is definitely a must, though be aware that summer is a shoulder season for theaters, which means they don't roll out their regular performance schedules. Also, as far as pricing, theater seat tickets cost anything from $5 to $40, which is cheap.
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    National Opera House

    The National Opera House is the best place in Ukraine for an opera or ballet. Both the exterior and interior are amazing and the building is huge....the inside is like a museum. The best thing of all is that it's extremely cheap to attend quality productions. Well worth your time!

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