buying prepaid SIMS in Sweden

Discussion in 'Sweden' started by radiotulip, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. radiotulip

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    You can buy prepaid SIMS in all the major cities in Sweden in most kiosks and some convenient stores. If you only want to make calls within Sweden, it's best you go with Hallon, Comviq or Telia who offer prepaid SIMS with unlimited national calls, unlimited national SMS and 5 GB of data for 249 kr per 30 days. They normally charge about 27 Euro ($36)
  2. KurstinKudichi

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    Comviq typically offer 195 kr and 295 kr prepaid cards; while Telenor offer 300 kr SIM's which will give you unlimited internet, but either of these two are only great for usage within Sweden. If you want to use your phone from Sweden to call back home overseas you want to get the 3 (tri) 200 kr SIM, which will cost you about 2kr a minute to a call a number overseas.
  3. kerryCatonaz

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    Telia has the best network but it's not the cheapest. I ended up getting Tele 2/Comviq as it is cheaper and have a prepaid card called amigo which is cheap to phone abroad. Phoning back to Australia was about 1 sek/minute to a land line and 3 sek/minute to a mobile, while the price for calling within Sweden was 0.69 SEK/minute.

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