Buying tickets on Renfe ahead of time

Discussion in 'Spain' started by Nofear333, May 7, 2015.

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    If you are traveling to Spain for the first time and are trying to buy train tickets from Renfe be in the know that Renfe makes tickets available 60 days in advance, and they are released in blocks of days. Payment can be done with credit cards though Pay Pal is also accepted.
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    my tips for buying renfe tickets

    You'd think being the main train service provider in the country, renfe would have their act together but they don't. Buying tickets on renfe is quite possibly one of the worst travel experiences one can have. My advise is to buy early and avoid credit cards, or just use a 3rd party service provider to book the tickets for you.
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    train travel Spain tips

    Seat reservations on Spanish trains is pretty much standard. Most seat reservations cost $15 in second class; first-class reservations cost $40 for trips that include a meal. By the way, before buying a rail pass be aware that it doesn't always work out cheaper. For instance, train travel between Madrid and Toledo costs the same whether you have a rail pass or not.

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