By Boat?!?!?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by morgan slusar, May 29, 2007.

  1. morgan slusar

    morgan slusar New Member

    Are there any ships, ferries, whatever they could get a guy to Australia from another country?

    Is the only way to get to Australia by plane??

    There has got to be another way, who the hell wants to spen that long in a plane?
  2. travellerboats

    travellerboats New Member

    Hey Morgan...relax
    There are definitely boats and ships that you can hire or book your stays if you wanna travel from another country to Australia...
    By the way, which country do you belong to?

    And there are boats and ships that are being employed for specific travels on sea and water bodies....
    Happy traveling Dude!
  3. moroccantravel

    moroccantravel New Member

    yeah! There are vacation cruises in Australia. A lot of them. Try looking for Cruise Ships Sydney.
  4. travellerboats

    travellerboats New Member

    Try for some fishing boats and barcrushers when you are in Australia as you need to discover the marine life and water bodies.
  5. travellerboats

    travellerboats New Member

    It will be a real fun to explore Australia through it's water channels. This is such a great place to spend your vacations by surfing the waves of Great Barrier Reef or Bondi Beach. Watching Sydney's Opera House on a comfortable boat will be the real fun.
  6. mjpawl

    mjpawl New Member

    Check out Holland America's website at if you have 65 days available for the cruise!
  7. mjpawl

    mjpawl New Member

    If you can afford a 65 day cruise on Holland America, you can cruise roundtrip from the US.
  8. garrys

    garrys New Member

    There are cruises that travel to Australia from other countries but if you don't like the long plane trip then your not going to like the long sea trip. Cruises also cost a lot of money. My advice is to have a late night before you board the plane. Then you will sleep the whole trip and time will fly by.

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